Enterprises are continuously transforming themselves to address the challenges of changing customer needs, digitalization of processes and technology reset. They have focused on data and analytics as the main pillar of this transformation and have envisioned a roadmap for this journey. This journey needs constant nurturing to ensure implementation, course correction due to dynamic changes and evaluation of new visions to include.

LatentView Analytics Consulting, with its extensive experience across the data and analytics lifecycle, helps businesses address transformation challenges through:

Charting the course of the data and analytics roadmap, course correction to ensure business process efficiency and results

Identify new opportunities to adopt analytics

Our Offerings


Helping clients realize their analytics vision and maturity

Analytics and AI

Analytics use case
concept development

BI transformation

Analytics readiness

New-age Solutions

Helping clients with new solutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey

Advanced Contract

Intelligent Automation

Predictive Asset

Subscription Analytics

Adopting Multi-touch

Our Approach

Our suggested approach when it comes to the consulting exercise is to understand the current state, identify changes required, assess feasibility in transforming to the new setup and prioritize the solutions that enable transition to new state.


  • Understand the business context and current ecosystem
  • Stakeholder assessment:
    • Identify the stated & unstated needs
    • Current challenges faced
  • Identify & propose changes to enable transformation


  • Assess the feasibility of transforming to the new state
  • Assess the gaps in data availability, tools capability and adoption practices


  • Define a prioritization framework to evaluate the analytics solutions
  • Draw up a roadmap for implementation
  • Design a framework to measure the benefits of the solution

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