Transform from Dashboards to Decision Boards with GenAI

Turn Mundane Information into Business Intelligence

Translating information into visually digestible formats is the bridge that connects people with data. We turn complex datasets into visual stories that anybody can understand. InsightLens simplifies intricate data, making it easy for you to experience its story. It’s the art of  revealing the unseen patterns within your data that guide your business toward success. By transitioning from dashboards to decision boards, InsightLens delves deeper into the “why” behind each pattern or trend.

Overwhelmed with Unintuitive and Vague Dashboards?

There is an overload of data. And making sense of it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why business decision-makers like you rely on dashboards to make data consumable. But the problem with dashboards is that most of them just present the data better without underscoring the most critical question–why? So, how can you drive actionable insights without drowning in a ton of dashboards? InsightLens helps you transform from vague dashboards to optimized decision boards.

The InsightLens impact: Driving Actionable Insights and Optimized Decision-Making

Derive Actionable Insights on the Go with Self-supporting Visualization

Dynamic Insights





Success Stories

360-Degree View of Digital Metrics to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Trapped in data silos, a CPG giant was spending their marketing budget inefficiently due to delayed insights. LatentView’s integrated dashboard united paid, earned, and owned media metrics, slashed test cycles, and reduced campaign costs by enabling cross-channel comparisons and smarter marketing investments.

Slash in campaign test cycles

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Drop in cost per campaign

Get a Sharper View of Your Data and Move from Complexity to Clarity

Maximize the value of your data through decision boards powered by GenAI that are prompted right for your needs. Reveal the unseen patterns that guide your business toward success.

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