Financial Services

Modernise Platforms, Predict Risks, Prevent Fraud, and Personalise Customer Experiences.

Navigate Uncertainty and Embrace Actionable Intelligence

As a financial services leader, you juggle risk assessment, customer demands, and market volatility, all while striving for sustained growth. You understand that harnessing data is your key to improving revenue and customer loyalty, but it has its own challenges. Mountains of financial data obscure the critical signals needed for informed decisions. And how can you confidently base strategic decisions on data that might be shaky or siloed? We can be your analytics ally, helping you discover unseen patterns and trends to fuel innovation, streamline operations, and personalize customer experiences. We provide comprehensive, integrated analytical solutions to the Banking, Insurance, Payments, and Investment Management sectors. Our breadth of services and industry view helps us understand client’s unique business needs.

Marketing and Customer Analytics

Deepen customer relationships, personalise every interaction, drive loyalty

  • Understand your customers across the financial journey: Analyze behavioral data and financial profiles to create a 360-degree view of your customers, their needs, and their financial goals.
  • Personalize your marketing and product offerings: Craft targeted campaigns, recommend relevant financial products, and deliver a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint.
  • Retain and grow your customer base: Identify at-risk customers, predict churn, and implement personalized retention strategies to secure loyalty and boost customer lifetime value.

Risk and Fraud Analytics

Safeguarding assets, driving risk and regulatory compliance

  • Proactively prevent fraud: Leverage AI and machine learning to identify suspicious activity in real time, prevent fraudulent transactions, and protect your customers from financial crimes.
  • Quantify and manage risk: Risk Assessment of profiles across individuals and businesses, optimize loan approvals and make informed portfolio decisions with data governance and risk reporting.
  • Comply with evolving regulations: Streamline compliance processes with automated reporting and real-time risk monitoring, ensuring adherence to ever-changing regulatory landscapes.

Modernizing Platforms

Driving growth through modern platforms and data governance

  • Consolidate disparate data sources: Break down data silos, unify information from across your organization, and gain a holistic view of your customers, operations, and risk landscape leveraging Enterprise Data Hub.
  • Deliver actionable insights: Leverage advanced analytics and visualization to translate complex data into clear, actionable insights that guide your decision-making at every level using decision boards.
  • Empower your teams: Democratize data access and analytics capabilities, enabling every department to utilize data-driven strategies for improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Insurance Analytics

Revitalize the outlook of insurance by streamlining operations and enhancing CX

  • Measure and manage claims operations: Drive Claims operations efficiency using Machine Learning for faster processing and better customer experience. Performance measures and tracking for continuous improvement.
  • Forecast demand and perform capacity planning: Short-term demand forecasting to help predict caseload, adapt to changing customer patterns and behaviors.
  • Personalize risk assessment: Leverage data to personalize insurance premiums and coverage based on individual risk profiles, fostering a fairer and more efficient insurance ecosystem.

Success Stories

Personalized targeting using look-alike modeling

Stuck with ineffective pre-set targeting rules, a client saw their campaigns struggle. LatentView’s look-alike models, powered by logistic regression, zeroed in on ideal customers, driving a revenue surge by targeting those most likely to respond to their large merchant offers.
Worth of incremental revenue

Step Off the Tightrope and Become a Data-Driven Financial Leader

Unlock a future of informed risk management, empowered teams, loyal customers, and sustainable growth.

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