MatchView - Intuitive business experimentation platform

MatchView is a scalable design-of-experiments platform that helps managers design effective test and control groups, as well as analyse the impact of offering different treatments to these groups. Using MatchView, organizations can drive improvements in a variety of business processes such as online and offline customer acquisition, retention campaigns, store layouts and fixtures, advertisements & promotions, etc.

Enable a test and learn culture to drive campaign effectiveness

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Reduce campaign turnaround time

Brands often test multiple products while debating retail and marketing strategies using in-store and online experimentation. Execution of these tests and experiments in a retail environment often involves cross-functional team participation, capturing and analyzing relevant data from multiple sources and communication of results to relevant stakeholders. This is where MatchView can help brands identify tests and control groups, perform campaign analysis and understand the impact of different treatments, all in a single platform, thereby reducing campaign turnaround time significantly.

Experimentation platform for effective campaign design & analysis

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Key benefits


Data-Driven Experiment Design

Identify test and control groups based on business outcomes that need testing, as well as underlying factors that could vary across the groups.


Understand True Causality

Remove the effects of unintended / confounding factors through ANCOVA-based methods, making it simple for non-statisticians.


Faster Insights

Discover insights 95% earlier as compared to the manual feedback cycle, enabling corrective action in a time-bound manner.

Key features of MatchView

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Easy set-up and go

One-stop platform for marketing analytics with faster time-to-insights that can be set up without IT support.

Predictive analytics

Advanced statistical algorithms such as Linear Mixed Effects Regression models to isolate impact of specific marketing activity.

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Applicable in a variety of online and offline contexts such as digital panel experimentation, retail store panels, loyalty card databases, frequent flyer programs, household consumer panels, etc.

Friendly, non-techie interface

Easy-to-use, management friendly, no coding, technical skills or statistical knowledge required.

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