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We are pleased to invite you to be part of LatentView Analytics Alumni community. You have played an integral part in driving the growth and success of our organization and we would love to connect with you further to provide key updates, while hearing your success story. Let’s stay connected to share and celebrate the success of our growth.

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Connect with LV employees and stay updated on latest news and updates

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Interact with the folks at LatentView, expand your network and knowledge

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Message from Our Team

Rajan Sethuraman   |   CEO
I am really excited to announce the launch of LatentView's Alumni Program! Over the last decade, several people have passed through our portals and we are thrilled at the prospect of gathering everyone under this banner to promote and strengthen the ties that bind us and make us unique. LatentView alumni have gone on to pursue their passions and interests and we are proud of their achievements. Many of you would have started your professional careers with LatentView and we are thankful for the slice of your lives that you have shared with us. Our shared culture and values and enduring, and we would like to believe that even though you are elsewhere, the memories and learnings continue to enrich your lives and that you can always find a welcoming smile and support at LatentView. The Alumni program is aimed at keeping you informed about the happenings at LatentView, business as well as informal, and providing a channel for collaboration and interaction on topics of mutual interest. I look forward to reconnecting with you through this initiative and walking together to explore new opportunities! Welcome back home!!
Venkat Viswanathan   |   Founder & Chairman
Hi there - Long-time no see! LatentView is entering its teens shortly, and as with any teenager we are reflecting on how we got here and what lies ahead. Our alumni alongwith our analysts and teams have helped us shape the culture, values and customer intimacy that's core to our business. There's a little bit of each of you in LatentView, and I expect a little of LatentView in you as well. There are immense new markets and opportunities that we are pursuing, and we need to enhance our talent pool to grow further. We would value your help in reaching prospective candidates - pls do counsel, refer and advocate for us! Look forward to staying in touch - look us up when you are in the vicinity, call us, write to us!
Pramad Jandhyala   |   Co-founder
I am delighted to see LatentView's alumni connect initiative take shape! Our alumni footprint is vast and spread across multiple continents. I hope this initiative will strengthen some of the strong informal networks we already have. I would love to see this platform evolve into the one resource to help us stay connected and updated with what's happening at LatentView and with our alumni across the globe. Some of my strongest bonds with people over the years have been professional friendships with colleagues I have worked with. I checked the Northern Lights off my bucket list recently, thanks to an ex-colleague in Norway. So the next time you are travelling to a new city, perhaps you will find a LatentView alum in that city to meet and catchup with. Who knows, maybe there is a friendship waiting to be discovered!
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