Reasons To Work With Us

LatentView is building the best data analytics teams in the business so we can help clients develop and deploy result-oriented analytics solutions that enable them to make smarter decisions using their data on an ongoing basis. If you are looking for a career in analytics, Latentview is the place to be.

Our global team of skilled business analysts, analytical modelers and data management experts, united by a passion for analytics, develop fact-based, hypotheses-driven, rigorous solutions that deliver outstanding value to our clients.


Challenging Work Environment

Teams are encouraged to think big, innovate and take controlled risks.


Career Growth

The career of every individual is important to us and we plan for their long term success.


Rewards and Recognition

We recognize and celebrate high achievers and doers.


We practice transparency and accountability at all levels, where every employee knows his responsibility and can access every level of leadership up to the CEO. We encourage people to think big and not be limited by current ideas and perspectives. Striving for top data engineering services is our long term vision as a team and company.

Current Openings

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In case you do not find a suitable position you can drop your CV below.
1. What is the Interview process at LatentView?

It depends on the actual requirement; please do not forget to check this with the recruiter who has contacted you. In general, there are 2 or more Technical Interview Rounds and 1 HR Interview apart from the initial HR screening. There could be assessments like Aptitude tests, online technical assessments, etc. depending on the role's nature/level.

2. How should I apply for the position at LatentView?

You can apply to any of the jobs listed on the Career page if you feel that you are a good match for the role.

3. What should I do in case I do not find a suitable position?

You can drop your CV at New Career Submission or write to us at with your experiences, skills, and interest areas.

4. What are the Talents we hire for?

We hire for any skills that being related to the Analytics domain. The predominant positions include Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Full Stack Engineers.

5. What are the common tools & skillset we look for?

This depends on the open position, but some common tools and skills are listed below:
SQL, R/Python, SAS, Tableau, Alteryx, Power BI, Statistical techniques, Machine Learning algorithms, Data and text mining, AWS, Azure, GCP, Microservices, Talend, JavaScript, Pyspark, Hadoop, Etc

6. What should I do in case I do not get a response from the Recruiter post-interview?

We update all the candidates regularly (mostly within 2 to 3 days from their interviews) on the status of the application. In case there is a delay or no response received from the recruiter after 3 days of interview, please reach out to

7. When can I re-apply in case I got rejected?

The cool of period is 9 months. You can re-apply after the cool off period from the date of your interview.

8. What would be the ideal dress code for interview at LatentView? Formal or Business Casuals.

Impress us with the best attire. The dress code can either be formal or business casual for interviews.

9. What should I do if I am late for the interview?

No worries, we have got you covered. Inform the concerned recruiter as early as possible so he can update the interviewer and the team on your estimated arrival time to make necessary arrangements to accommodate you when you reach or help you with rescheduling the interview.

10. what should I do when I am no longer interested in pursuing an opportunity with LV?

We would love to hear from you why you are no longer interested in the role or position discussed. Please speak with your recruiter if there is anything you would need from us to re-consider the position. We can update you back after checking with the team in case of any special requests, i.e., Location constraints, salary, benefits, etc.

11. Where are we located, and how do I get there?

LatentView Analytics Pvt. Ltd 5th Floor, Neville Tower, Block A3 Ramanujan IT City SEZ, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Taramani, Chennai-600 113, INDIA Maps:

Practice and Prepare

Write down a list of questions that directly relate to the job's responsibilities.

If you don't have a job description, request the recruiter for one, list the key responsibilities of the position, and then draw up a list of questions related to those responsibilities and ensure you are prepared to answer those questions.

Why researching the company you interview for is important?

Research lets you tailor your responses to the culture of the organization.

It shows you are interested in the position and the organization.

It will also help you to ask important questions during the interview.

Get ready ahead of time & be on time (That Means Early)

Being early for an interview showcases that you prioritize your day well; it keeps you calm and composed, plus an indication that you honor your commitments.

There are certain scenarios where there is a genuine reason to be late due to traffic, difficulty in locating the office, getting a visitor pass, can be daunting, so we always ask our candidate to come in early by at least 20 minutes so that we could achieve the above result.

Try to stay calm

Do not stress yourself, which would release hormones (cortisol and epinephrine) in your system, which inhibits your ability to think and could lead to lower confidence levels during your interview.

Do not rehearse too much. Rather carry thought on few (1 or 2) pointers on what makes you suitable for the role.

Do not forget to breathe and count for a few minutes; this helps you destress fast in case you are.

Follow-up after the interview

A thank you note is the best way to follow up with the recruiter to understand the feedback and know your current application status.

Be brief, conversational, and open in the email. You can probably mention your interest in the job because you probably know more details you have learned during the interview.

This communication could be an avenue for you to share certain information that you may have missed to speak during the interview.

Using your phone during the interview

It is better to turn off your phone during the interview to ensure you do not get distracted.

You can also keep the phone in silent mode and hide it in your bag if you are carrying one.

In case of emergency, but you didn't want to reschedule the meeting, inform the interviewer and the recruiter that you would need to carry a phone but ensure that only that one call you are expecting to receive would grab your attention.

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