Text Analytics

Events Analysis using Social Listening for Marketing Activation

Social analysis, including comprehensive text mining (NLP), was done for a leading snack foods and beverage manufacturer. Based on insights delivered, the company improved on dollar share across key events, with the highlight being a $158 million opportunity during a period of 8 weeks after Thanksgiving.

Social Media-based Flavor Trends Drives Product Innovation

Social media conversations were mined to identify emerging flavors and the underlying emotional and functional drivers associated with them for a leading US-based beverages and snack foods manufacturer. This reduced innovation cycle time by 1.5x. Twenty flavors were identified at a fraction of ideation cost, and the company gained a significant first-mover advantage.

Driving Customer Loyalty Through Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis

For a US-based leading travel website, the drivers of NPS were identified using text mining. The influence of NPS drivers on customer loyalty was quantified using a regression approach. The company’s implementation of strategies based on NPS drivers analysis resulted in a 15% increase in repeat transactions from existing customers.

Data-Driven Product Innovation Based on Consumer Reviews

A real-time text analytics platform was built for the largest home appliance manufacturer in the US, which resulted in precise, fine-tuned innovation on product features and messaging on an ongoing basis as consumer feedback reached the teams directly within 2.5 months of product launch.

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