Customer Analytics

Enhance Client Relationship using Machine Learning

A comprehensive view of contacts was developed for a leading asset management company in the UK, which served as inputs into Machine Learning models. Accurate predictions of disinvestments in 60% of the cases leading to retention of mandates worth £444 million. Better targeting of wholesale clients led to a potential investment uplift of £50 million.

Survey Design to Estimate Purchase Intent

A survey was designed to capture essential data for a leading online marketplace, and a regression framework was formulated to understand purchase intention. Correspondence analysis was done for brand perception. These resulted in effective promotion campaigns to convert purchase intention to sales.

Enhancing Customer Experience through Chatbots

A dashboard that monitors the performance of the client’s newly launched chatbot was developed for a multinational e-commerce corporation. This resulted in a drop in escalation rates from 20% to 4.48% and an increase in resolution rates to 85%.

Behavioral Segmentation to Arrest Revenue Leakage

For a leading SMB financial software and payments processing company, a behavioral segmentation-based rapid diagnostic analysis was performed to identify revenue leak sources, which addressed $1.73 million (~83%) of the revenue leak.

Driving Customer Loyalty Through Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis

For a US-based leading travel website, the drivers of NPS were identified using text mining. The influence of NPS drivers on customer loyalty was quantified using a regression approach. The company’s implementation of strategies based on NPS drivers analysis resulted in a 15% increase in repeat transactions from existing customers.

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