FIFA World Cup 2014: The data you didn’t know

FIFA World Cup 2014 The data you didnt know

Its hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup. Tableau has created this cool interactive visualization of the matches to date. We did a quick analysis and here’s what we found!

1. It pays to be the smaller guy
Not just when it comes to siblings but also in football, apparently. Angolia received 1 Yellow Card for every 8 fouls. Ghana receives 1 Yellow Card for every 7 fouls. But both Germany and Argentina both received 1 Yellow Card for every 3 fouls. And they didn’t even bite anyone! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

2. Germany and Argentina compete for more than just the trophy in the Final
When it comes to Yellow Cards, Germany leads the pack with 102 closely followed by…you guessed it! Argentina, who has a 100. So in the final match, goals might not be the only thing they’re competing for.

3. Sometimes you need to lose in order to win
Both Germany and Argentina have equal number of losses (20) in World Cups. This final will definitely change that.

4. Good guys do win
The less fouls you commit, the more goals you score. Argentina and Germany score around 2 goals for every 3 fouls, whereas Angolia scores 1 goal for every 72 fouls. Staggering, I know!!

Play around with the data and tell us of other interesting correlations you find!

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