Data Analytics for CMOs: Using digital data for consumer insights

Data Analytics for CMOs Using digital data for consumer insights

LatentView Analytics will moderate a panel discussion at the Argyle Executive Summit’s 2014 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum in New York on September 23. The topic of the panel discussion is “Unravelling Digital Data for Consumer Insights”.

As companies are increasingly forced to expand their digital footprint, there lies a huge opportunity for Marketers to generate superior Consumer Insights hitherto unavailable to their traditional counterparts.

Social media, for example, offers a large panel of consumers and the opportunity to listen-in to natural conversations that are not influenced or boxed in any way. This gives Marketers the opportunity to understand consumer preferences and consumption patterns, faster and on demand. It also exposes them to a greater depth and breadth of conversations, providing them with both valuable context as well as unexpected relations and preferences that could pivot an entire marketing campaign.

Combining internal and external data as well as structured and unstructured data, provides Marketers a greater granularity into consumer behavior that maintains relevance even with scale. When customer care telephone logs are combined with social media data, Marketers can weave an intricate web of Consumer Experience as well as opportunities to cross sell and upsell. When structured CRM data is combined with unstructured geo-location data, Marketers can customize campaigns at an individual consumer level.

The panelists will share their own experiences and knowledge on the most effective ways to use digital data to get superior consumer insights.

Gopi Koteeswaran, CEO of LatentView Analytics will moderate the discussions. The other panelists include-

  • Brian Groves, Chief Marketing Officer- US Consumer Healthcare at Pfizer
  • Ed Wild, Sr Director of Analytics- North America Beverages at PepsiCo
  • Ken Godfrey, Director of Digital Marketing- North America, Philips
  • Peter Harrison, Global Head of Marketing Insights at Cigna

The Argyle Executive Forum is a by-invitation community that has over 40,000 senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies as its members.

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