Egbert van Acht, CEO from Philips on data analytics in healthcare

Egbert van Acht CEO from Philips on data analytics in healthcare


Why would data analytics apply to your teeth? This is a part of my business – healthcare. One of the reasons is to get insights that can help us sell our products, but also to provide a benefit to consumers worldwide who could use data in their personal lives to improve their health. At Philips Consumer Lifestyle, we want to move from product to platform, and to do this, we need to rely on data to engage with our consumers.

Products themselves are devices in the ecosystem and not a goal in itself anymore. Sensors can tell us how customers are handling the toothbrush, how much pressure they are applying, for how long they are brushing, and other factors. We can use this to provide post-brushing advice – to act as a coach and provide recommendations about how to brush more effectively. The ultimate benefit to consumers is to change their behavior through the data, and the insights and coaching that can result from the findings. From the insights we gather from the data of a connected device, consumers become empowered to act – perhaps consulting with their dentist about what the data analytics reveal, and alter behavior to benefit their health.

A recent scientific study shows that if you take care of your oral health there is a less chance of heart problems, diabetes, and premature births. This is just one of many health and scientific studies that reveals there is a link between oral health and systemic health.

We seek consumer insights and foresights from our internal and external channels — how can we derive insights from this data, and use it to derive insights into consumer behavior that could benefit our product innovation and marketing? This is why I am enthusiastic about LatentView Analytics because of the experience and record of deep insights that they can provide. The expertise that LatentView Analytics can provide, can help us build and optimize models that can help us strategize our product development and marketing campaigns to be more impactful, and deliver greater market value.

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