Data Analytics And AI: LatentView Analytics’ Anup Gunaseelan On Evolving Data Analytics Landscape

In this interview, TechGraph sat down with Anup Gunaseelan, Director, Delivery Head – Technology Vertical at LatentView Analytics, to understand the dynamic nature of data analytics, as well as how LatentView Analytics keeps clients abreast of the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to maintain a competitive edge.

TechGraph: Data analytics is becoming increasingly vital for businesses across industries. How does LatentView Analytics position itself in the competitive landscape to provide unique and impactful data analytics solutions for businesses?

Anup Gunaseelan: We believe data holds immense potential across all business sectors. Our 16+ years of experience as a pure-play analytics company with several Fortune 500 companies has provided us with in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver end-to-end data analytics solutions. In an increasingly competitive business environment, our unique proposition is to create a holistic and sustainable impact powered by data for our clients.

Jai’s work with Coca-Cola has given him a customer-centric approach to marketing as well as a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends and he is joining the advisory board as a trusted thought partner.

We address critical business challenges that hinder businesses from harnessing opportunities and enable them to evolve into data-savvy competitors at scale. We also allow businesses to build automated solutions and unlock valuable insights for competitive advantage and long-term trust.

TechGraph: How does LatentView Analytics leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to deliver impactful data-driven insights to clients? Can you highlight any recent innovations or advancements in your data analytics approach?

Anup Gunaseelan: At LatentView Analytics, we work toward enabling technology-led business transformations for our clients by constantly staying at the forefront of the latest technology trends and innovations in the data and analytics domain, and by investing in efforts to identify new opportunities and solutions that can benefit our clients.

As a result, we have developed several innovative solutions for our clients. We successfully addressed various challenges faced by an e-commerce client, including maintaining a large repository of product images with missing or incorrect tags.

By employing an object-detection model using AzureML, OpenCV libraries, and YOLOv5, we generated missing tags and improved product tagging accuracy by 67%. This allowed the client to enrich image metadata, leading to enhanced recommendations and click rates.

Recently, we also resolved data pipeline orchestration challenges for another client using Databricks and Snowflake. We implemented a scalable and reusable data pipeline with a generic stored procedure in Snowflake. This resulted in significant cost reductions and improved data handling performance.

TechGraph: In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, data privacy, and security are major concerns for organizations. How does LatentView Analytics ensure client data confidentiality and protection while extracting meaningful insights from it?

Anup Gunaseelan: We know the implications and business losses caused by privacy and security breaches. To prevent such incidents, we have robust checks, controls, and policies in place. These policies are governed by data privacy policies covering all applicable laws and geographies. Our client information is always stored on their servers or in the cloud, ensuring enhanced privacy and security of the data.

TechGraph: Collaboration and partnership play a crucial role in the success of any data analytics initiative. How does LatentView Analytics foster strong relationships with clients to ensure a deep understanding of their business objectives and deliver customized solutions?

Anup Gunaseelan: Gaining insights about clients’ requirements and fostering long-term collaboration and partnership are crucial aspects of our business. We have utilized the Service Delivery Excellence (SDE) framework, which drives continuous improvement through targeted improvement studies that align with specific contexts and client requirements.

This framework helps us to actively engage in client-driven innovations and ensure that our services meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Further, we conduct Voice of the Customer (VoC) surveys every year to gauge feedback from our clients. This survey helps us establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients, as evidenced by 89% of our clients indicating that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with our partnership.

Anup Gunaseelan: The field of data analytics is evolving rapidly, and businesses need to stay up to date with the latest trends to maintain a competitive edge. We are committed to doing just that, and we are also dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions and services.

Our client-facing teams constantly track the pulse of the market and develop the right solutions for industry pain points, particularly in the areas of supply chain, consumer product innovation, marketing analytics, and hyper-personalization. Our success is directly linked to our client’s success, and we are committed to helping them achieve their business objectives.

TechGraph: In your opinion, what are the biggest opportunities and challenges for the data analytics industry in the coming years? How is LatentView Analytics positioning itself to capitalize on these opportunities and overcome potential obstacles?

Anup Gunaseelan: In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown by leaps and bounds across the data analytics industry. While AI has immense potential to streamline our processes, we believe that the technology will elevate the playing field and provide opportunities to scale our offerings further.

AI’s latest iteration, Generative AI (GenAI), in combination with data analytics, will help us unlock new and exciting possibilities and deliver enhanced value for our clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as GenAI, Graph ML, image analytics, and much more, we can unlock new insights and drive even greater value for our clients.

TechGraph: Sustainability and ethical considerations are gaining prominence in various industries. How does LatentView Analytics incorporate these principles into its data analytics services, ensuring responsible and unbiased data use?

Anup Gunaseelan: ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and sustainability are critical for our planet and in ensuring continued business success. Our mantra of “A Sustainable Worldview” recognizes the intrinsic link between environmental stewardship, social responsibility, effective governance, and economic partnership in driving meaningful change.

Recently, we released our first Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR), which provides details on our sustainability performance against the nine principles of the National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct. It is our vision to empower organizations and deepen their impact on the ground through corporate social responsibility. Our CSR program aims to implement solutions for holistic development and growth.

Source: PRWeb

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