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Save Downtime Costs

Predict, Prevent, Propel with PULSE

PULSE is an advanced predictive maintenance solution designed to redefine manufacturing efficiency. Seamlessly connecting IoT-enabled assets, PULSE utilizes cutting-edge analytics to provide real-time insights, allowing your team to take proactive measures. Say goodbye to unplanned downtime, excessive maintenance costs, and operational inefficiencies. You can predict machine failure with precision, eliminate downtime hassles, and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

The Downtime Dilemma: Challenges in Manufacturing

Downtime in manufacturing is more than just a hiccup—it’s a costly disruption. Annually, manufacturers endure approximately 800 hours of downtime, resulting in an alarming average loss of $208 million. Anticipating, planning, and executing maintenance tasks with precision can make a pivotal difference. However, the journey has its challenges, like managing overwhelming data volumes, integrating new tech with existing systems, and ensuring model accuracy. That’s where PULSE steps in — your go-to solution for predictive maintenance.

What Sets PULSE Apart?

Mitigates Downtime Challenges

Absolute Predictive Maintenance





Success Stories

Improving OSA and Revenue with ConnectedView Supply Chain Solution

A Fortune 500 CPG company with an annual revenue of $70 billion faced a significant revenue loss owing to a 27% drop in their OSA. Through our ConnectedView Transformation program, we were able to help the business service $81 million per annum of additional orders. Watch how LatentView Analytics helped this food and beverages giant solve its revenue loss due to the OSA drop and increase efficiency by creating a visible supply chain with ConnectedView solution.
$ Million

Worth of additional orders were serviced annually

$ 0 Million per annum

Worth of additional value of cases were shipped annually

Eliminate Machine Parts Replacements by 40% and Prevent Downtime

PULSE empowers you to predict, extend, and excel in machine performance. Embrace the future of reliability and profitability with proactive maintenance measures.

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