Benefits of combining disparate data

Benefits of combining disparate data


In the real-world, its difficult to label consumers. Digital consumers often spend a part of their purchase cycle in the offline world that they live in. Similarly, consumers that walk into a store have very often spent a part of their purchase cycle in the digital world. To get a realistic, 360 degree view of the consumer, it then becomes imperative that marketers understand both these worlds by marrying online and offline consumer data.

By partnering with LiveRamp, LatentView is able to connect data from online, offline and other disparate sources better. This allows them to provide a more holistic view of the end consumer. Krishnan Venkata, Vice President- US West talks to LiveRamp about why this is imprortant.

Below is an extract from an interview that appeared on the LiveRamp blog. You can read the complete interview here.

1: What does LatentView solve for marketers?

The goal of any marketing strategy is to create a brand that consumers want to engage with. Due to increased competition for attracting your customer’s attention, companies without informed marketing strategies will not have the impact needed to be seen as an industry leader. This is the problem LatentView solves for marketers.By providing and focusing on actionable insights, we’re able to better understand target audiences.Using this information, we can improve the effectiveness of a faltering campaign and reach out to market segments a company may have never considered.

2: Why did you decide to partner with LiveRamp?

LiveRamp specializes in connecting the dots across different customer interactions, which is a natural complement to our offerings. Using this data, we can help marketers view digital data holistically, increase their sales and efficiency, and deliver relevant marketing messages for each consumer. For example, one of the biggest challenges in marketing is connecting the dots across customer interactions. LiveRamp enables us to connect data from disparate sources to help give a more holistic view and create digital campaigns with amazing returns. This, in turn, allows us to create digital marketing campaigns that maximize returns, intelligently target customers, and engage across the entire customer journey.

Read more on the LiveRamp blog.

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