LatentView Analytics Wins Great Learning Data Science Award

PRINCETON, N.J. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 19, 2019LatentView Analytics, a trusted analytics partner to the world’s most recognized brands, announced today its conversational AI platform “Casper” has won the Great Learning Data Science Award for “Best Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Implementation” at Cypher 2019, India’s largest analytics conference, helmed by Analytics India Magazine.

Casper is a conversational AI platform with domain-specific intelligence, which can be applied across various domains like market share and digital marketing campaign analytics. Users can simply speak or type their questions in natural language and Casper will deliver insights in visual, text, or voice form. With Casper, employees within a company can use non-technical business “lingo” to unlock previously dormant data to make fast, accurate decisions—without coding skills or waiting for a data scientist or business analyst to provide a report.

“As enterprises continue their digital transformation journeys, business leaders within these companies from the top down are realizing the importance of making quick, data-driven decisions at all levels,” said Rajan Sethuraman, CEO, LatentView Analytics. “Our goal is to enable this agile decision making with solutions that democratize and unlock the power of data. This award is a testament to our vision of helping clients solve more complex business challenges through productized solutions and service offerings.”

Talking about the award, Bhasker Gupta, CEO, Analytics India Magazine, said, “The Great Learning Data Science Award has been the torch-bearer in recognizing the talent in this field of data science, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies for three years now. LatentView has been a key gamechanger in the analytics space, and we are offering this award in recognition of their proprietary analytics product Casper under the category ‘Best ML/AI Implementation.’ We have great expectations from both LatentView Analytics and Casper for the future.”

In its third year, the Data Science Excellence Awards aims to recognize the best in the data science world today in India. LatentView Analytics accepted its award at Cypher 2019, India’s largest analytics conference presented by Analytics India Magazine, where the brightest of India’s tech community gather annually to network and learn from other thought leaders, companies, and startups in analytics, artificial intelligence, data science, and big data.

About LatentView Analytics

LatentView Analytics is one of the fastest growing data analytics firms globally, delivering solutions that help companies drive digital transformation and use data to gain a competitive advantage. With analytics solutions that provide 360-degree view of the digital consumer, fuel machine learning capabilities and support artificial intelligence initiatives, LatentView Analytics enables leading global brands to predict new revenue streams, anticipate product trends and popularity, improve customer retention rates, optimize investment decisions and turn unstructured data into a valuable business asset. LatentView Analytics is a trusted partner to enterprises worldwide, including more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies in the retail, CPG, financial, technology and healthcare sectors. LatentView Analytics has more than 600 employees in offices in Princeton, N.J., San Jose, Calif., London, Singapore and Chennai, India. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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