Casper – Your intelligent, conversational business analytics assistant

Casper is an AI-driven conversational analytics platform with built-in domain intelligence and makes the power of analytics accessible to all. Just speak or type your questions in natural language and get insights in visual, text or voice form. On-the-go. No coding required. The result – fast, accurate decisions based on best-in-class analytics.

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Domain specific intelligence

Casper has built-in domain intelligence which can be applied across various domains like market share analytics, digital marketing campaign analytics and more. Its AI-powered algorithms intelligently suggest follow up questions and analytics based on previous interactions and current context. With greater use, its machine learning capability continuously comes up with smarter, more relevant suggestions and insights.

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Friendly non-techie interface

Anyone in your company from business people to data experts can use CASPER to get access to insights on-demand. No coding knowledge is required. Non-technical people can get their data questions answered using a friendly interface. Management-friendly voice access enables customized reports – so no more waiting for business analysts and no more dormant data. Adherence to best practices for data analysis ensures consistent application across your enterprise – crucial when non-experts are doing or using the analyses.

Data democratized for easy, accurate decisions

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Domain intelligence

Built-in domain knowledge for various domains such as market share analysis, campaign analytics, people analytics, etc.

Efficient set-up

Easy to integrate into your ecosystem, variety of deployment models (on-premise or cloud), and rapid training for new domains.

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Non-techie interface

User-friendly interface requires no coding skills and can be used on desktop or mobile.

Context relevance through AI/ML

Deep reinforcement learning based approach provides accurate and contextually relevant answers and follow-up suggestions.

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How AI-based conversational
analytics will transform business

Conversational AI is here and well positioned to transform enterprise IT and the way people within organizations access and interact with data. What’s driving this, and what are the opportunities and benefits for enterprises?

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