LatentView Analytics Introduces its Growth Accelerator to Spur Innovation and Success for Digital-Led Businesses

LatentView Analytics, a trusted analytics partner to the world’s most recognized brands, today announced the launch of its Growth Accelerator to support the evolving needs of enterprises to win and retain customers, open new revenue streams, and compete in the new digital economy. The Growth Accelerator is tailored to large organizations that face scale and innovation challenges tied to digital transformation. The first focus area for the Accelerator will be driving growth for subscription-based businesses.

“The continued shift to digital and the rise of the on-demand economy across countless categories has created significant opportunities and challenges for brands related to competitors and consumers,” said Rajan Sethuraman, CEO of LatentView Analytics. “As more people expect value and convenience, companies that offer subscriptions as an option, or as a core part of their business, must examine and carefully calibrate their models. Our goal is to help subscription-based businesses navigate this and maximize long-term growth.”

The primary purpose of the Growth Accelerator is to help enterprises fuel top-and bottom-line growth with strategies and tactics that are underpinned by LatentView’s deep business expertise and backed by the power of data. It is focused sharply on business models and functions with significant potential to catalyze growth for legacy and digital-first businesses. LatentView will help its clients identify and seize opportunities by leveraging analytics to adopt and adjust business models, increase operational efficiencies, and improve the buyer journey for customers and prospects.

“As more people expect value and convenience, companies that offer subscriptions as an option, or as a core part of their business, must examine and carefully calibrate their models.”

While LatentView is unrolling its first category of expertise in subscription-based businesses, the company plans to unveil additional areas of expertise under the Accelerator in sales, digital marketing, and operations management.

“As an executive responsible for driving company growth, I understand firsthand the pain points and opportunities that face enterprises coming out of the pandemic,” said Shalabh, LatentView’s Chief Growth Officer. “Both B2C and B2B companies are at an inflection point with a lot of upheaval in traditional ways of doing business. We spent the past year bolstering our expertise in subscription models and assembling the right team to support the critical decision-making our clients need to compete and succeed long-term.”

“While the impact of COVID-19 has been significant, the subscription economy has not only proven resilient but has seen significant growth in some sectors. As we enter the post-pandemic business landscape, some companies are fighting subscription fatigue and customer churn while others are scaling back up from the contraction that occurred during 2020,” added Annu Baral, LatentView’s Vice President of Consulting Services. “It’s our goal to help these businesses make their subscriptions stickier and increase customer lifetime value.”

LatentView’s Consulting Services team will lead the Growth Accelerator with company-wide collaboration amongst subject matter experts in technology, CPG & retail, BFSI, and industrials. Every client engagement will be supported and powered by LatentView’s well-established track record in data engineering and business analytics. Industry partnerships with cloud-based data platforms including Snowflake will also play an important role in the Accelerator’s go-to-market strategy.

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