Data Visualization

‘Corporate to Store’ Connect Through Integrated People Metrics

An intuitive, actionable visualization platform that provides insights across Headcount, Recruitment, Movements, Performance, and Talent metrics was built for a US-based retail chain, which led to decisions being taken at a much faster rate saving almost 30% in analysis and turn-around time.

Store Identification for Campaigns using MatchView

A retail store match engine was built for a leading apparel retailer, which reduced campaign turnaround time by over 90% and increased campaign success conclusiveness influencing $284 million of marketing spend on right campaigns.

Enhancing Customer Experience through Chatbots

A dashboard that monitors the performance of the client’s newly launched chatbot was developed for a multinational e-commerce corporation. This resulted in a drop in escalation rates from 20% to 4.48% and an increase in resolution rates to 85%.

Global Performance Measurement Dashboard for a CFO

An intuitive, actionable visualization tool that provided insights into underperforming categories and geographies was built for a leading media and entertainment company. Improvement plans to achieve forecasted numbers were formulated much faster, saving almost 30% in analysis and turn-around time.

Driving Profits in a Highly Competitive Landscape

A prediction ensemble utilizing multivariate regression was created for a global record company. This resulted in an increase in the sales forecast model’s accuracy from 60% to 97% for 133 artists across ten genres, thereby increasing profits and optimizing the supply chain.

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