Different functions - Different needs

Sales and Marketing

    • Visualize sales trends, pipeline performance, and customer behavior.
    • Monitor marketing campaign effectiveness, lead gen, and conversion rates
    • Analyze customer segmentation and demographics for targeted strategies.

Demand spaces drives segmentation in the new digital age

We helped a leading global food and beverages corporation with a data-driven customer segmentation approach by combining survey and social data. We enabled the client to capture new consumption opportunities, resulting in an increase in market share across various beverage and snack brands.

2 %
Increase of in market share

Enhancing CX and operational efficiency with AI-powered recommendation engine

LatentView Analytics developed an AI-powered recommendation engine for a Fortune 500 PC manufacturer. The engine leveraged transformer-based NLP to understand customer queries better. The engine equips the customer care executives with sufficient information to identify the issues, resulting in better service accuracy, CX, and cost savings.

0 %
Increase in service accuracy
$ 0 mn
Cost savings annually

Finance and Operations

    • Track financial metrics, budget adherence, and cost analysis.
    • Monitor inventory levels, supply chain efficiency, and operational KPIs.
    • Generate financial forecasts and perform variance analysis.

Human Resources

    • Monitor customer satisfaction scores, response times,& issue resolution rates
    • Track customer feedback & sentiment analysis for continuous improvement.
    • Identify areas for enhancing customer service processes.

Customer Service

    • Measure employee performance, engagement, and turnover rates.
    • Analyze recruitment metrics, training effectiveness, and workforce diversity.
    • Monitor compensation and benefits trends.

Product Development

    • Visualize product lifecycle stages, feature adoption, and development progress.
    • Analyze user feedback, feature requests, and bug reports.
    • Monitor innovation metrics and product performance.
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