Why RevOps Matters To Customers And How Creating The Right Tech Stack Can Drive Revenue Growth

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Anyone who has worked in sales, marketing or customer service over the past decade understands just how much these functions continue to overlap. As competition increases and companies expand their digital footprints even further into the globalized marketplace, individual departments are getting flooded with customer information from more touchpoints than ever before. This explosion of data has led to the emergence of a critical new team—revenue operations.

Revenue operations (RevOps) is the strategic integration of sales, marketing and customer service into a single powerhouse designed to drive revenue growth. By creating this centralized operational view, management can break down silos between departments, learn unique insights and gain a better understanding of customer behavior. This way, each department can manage its day-to-day processes while relying on RevOps teams to align their data, analyze interdepartmental trends and report on profitable new strategies.