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360-Degree View of Digital Metrics to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

An integrated dashboard with paid, earned, and owned media metrics was built for a leading global food and beverages corporation, which reduced test cycle campaigns by 25% and cost per campaign by 8%.

The Problem
In the CPG industry, lack of a unified view of marketing data can result in incorrect analysis and wrong conclusions, thus leading to “throwing good money after bad” situation with respect to marketing spends.

The Before State
Siloed platforms provided a disjointed view of marketing effectiveness resulting in a protracted test cycle for campaigns.

The LatentView Solution
Built an integrated dashboard with paid, earned and owned media metrics that facilitates cross-channel, cross-brand and cross-campaign comparison to gain deeper marketing insights.

The After State
Test cycle for campaigns reduced by 25%, thus resulting in a decrease in cost per campaign by as much as 8%.

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360 degree view of digital metrics to improve marketing effectiveness 1
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