Risk analytics and management is crucial to the long term success and sustainability of businesses. Organizations in the past have relied heavily on the opinions of leaders at the business unit level to monitor, assess report and mitigate risk. However it is virtually impossible for a person to have an enterprise level view of risk spanning across different departments within the business. This is where risk analytics and fraud analytics play a vital role. It brings together many strands of risk across the organization under a single umbrella enabling better understanding and management of risk.

Risk Analytics

LatentView helps organizations identify and mitigate risk real-time, thereby reducing its negative impact. In addition, it helps financial organizations manage risk in their day-to-day activities effectively.



Fraud Analytics


Opportunity Analysis


Propensity Modeling


Credit Score Modeling

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Case Study

Using Analytics to Develop a Robust Risk Management Strategy

Quantification of portfolio risk based on profiling the historical inventory data for average depletion rates/day by portfolio indices

Using Analytics to Differentiate Compliant Customers from Non-Compliant Customers

Univariate & multivariate profiling to validate existing hypotheses around non-compliance


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