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Process Mining to Improve Manufacturing Throughput

Process Mining was used to identify bottlenecks for a leading snack and beverage manufacturer, which resulted in savings of $1 million per packaging line.

The Problem
Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks in high throughput assembly lines as the process is non-linear in nature.

The Before State
Cases processed per hour were at a very low value of ~400/hr as against the expected target of 800/hr and the root cause of the problem was not known.

LatentView Solution
Utilized Process Mining to identify bottlenecks like:

  • 18% of cases stuck at carton sorted area
  • 20% of cases diverted back to carton sorted area from the aisle lift pickup as they arrived at wrong aisle

The After State
Cases processed increased to 680/hr/door

  • Inventory levels reduced from 48 to 45 days
  • Savings of $1 million per packaging line

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