Super-charge your Marketing with Optimal Personalization for your Customers

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What is PrecisionReach?

Discover ‘PrecisionReach’: Your ultimate personalized marketing tool! Unleash powerful calls to action, armed with the perfect customer, precisely timed campaigns, and the right products.

What are the Core Values

Our solution emphasizes three core values
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Drive and prioritize campaigns to influence incrementality in purchase intent.

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Forward-looking approach

Anticipating future engagement preferences by identifying key drivers.

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Feedback loop

Consistently monitor live campaigns and adapt our recommendations to dynamic customer preferences.

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Why is it Important ?

  • With an enormous Target audience and the highly dynamic purchase patterns of modern-day buyers, it is very challenging to serve Optimal Personalization to the Customers.
  • To achieve homogeneous responses out of different segments from this enormous Customer base, There’s a dire need to keep up with the Needs and Preferences of the Customers at all times.

What are the Features?



financial services

Financial Services

Incremental growth in - Credit Card Signups, Investment Assistance purchases, BNPL signups, product inquiries on the website, etc



Incremental growth in - Bookings, added Services sign-ups, Points purchases, Points redemption, Corporate event bookings, etc.

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Incremental growth in -  loyalty membership signups, increased purchases, increased CTR, etc.

Flexibility in Approach and Reasoning behind decisions

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Easy Adoption and Deployment

Easy plugin and deployable with the existing CRM/ PRM systems.

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Continuous Feedback Mechanism

Implicit parameter correction based on the North Star Metric

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Impact Based Prioritisation

Targeting Receptive Customers with the right sequence of Marketing Interventions throughout their customer journey maximizing experience

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Internal and External Data Integration

Leverage internal intelligence for valuable insights and enhance results by leveraging additional 3rd party data

Profit drain: Fragmented marketing intervention with generic personalization

Rooba’s experience with Marketing

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Identified bottleneck

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Need to push relevant offers

Easy set up and go

Recommendation needs to be near real time

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Need to have an eye on cannibalizing intervention

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Need to have a clear picture on customer journey

Partnering in the Customer Journey

web emphasizing on the viable final
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Automated marketing operations.
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Customer- centric engagement for potential business growth rather than considering lead score.
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Onboarding new customer with look-a-like approach
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Optimal intervention to reactivate dormant customer.

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