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Optimizing digital supply chain process to ensure on-time delivery

LatentView Analytics increased operational efficiency and reduced turnaround time for orders at an American entertainment company by developing a cloud-based platform to integrate data from various stages of the supply chain process.

Business challenge
An American entertainment company was facing a challenge with tracking the status of an order in the supply chain process. Disparate silo applications were processing the customer requests. Manual intervention from all departments was required to address a problem and issues were being resolved only on priority basis. This resulted in potential order fulfilment delays, impacting revenue and reputation.

LatentView Analytics built a customizable cloud-based platform which was secure and scalable. The real-time operational dashboard helped provide a holistic view on the status of each order helping the client to analyze the performance at a supply chain stage level and understand the stages that were not meeting ETAs.

By combining multiple data sources into a single, high-performance platform, business users were provided a holistic view into the status of an order across all the stages of the supply chain process.

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