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Integrated and Customized Campaign Activation for Higher Revenue

An automated platform for managing campaigns was created for a leading online payments company. Customized campaigns resulted in additional revenue of $7.5 million.

The Problem
While the highly engaged user transacted in 10-12 verticals, the average user only used the customer’s payment services in 3 verticals and this gap presented a significant revenue upside opportunity.

The Before State
Campaigns were managed manually and were developed and executed based on general product-based marketing strategies by different marketing teams.

LatentView Solution
Developed an automated platform for managing campaigns, which were customized through dynamic selection of best offers and messages for each customer based on their life stage.

The After State
Customized campaigns resulted in significant number of incremental transactions for the average user (footprint increased from 3 to 8 verticals) which netted an additional revenue of $7.5 million.

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