While innovation is an integral part of LatentView’s culture, IdeaLabs adopts a more formal and structured approach to business intelligence innovation. IdeaLabs, LatentView’s dedicated R&D center, aims to build market-ready analytics solutions in dynamic and emerging technology areas. It also builds on big data and predictive analytics solutions created by delivery teams, to make them more comprehensive and world class.

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Partnership with IIT Madras

The LatentView Data Science and Analytics Laboratory, set up in partnership with IIT Madras, conducts advanced research programs and projects in data analytics. It also develops thought leadership, while advancing the capabilities of the entire industry. In addition, the lab uses data analytics to address socially relevant issues like healthcare management and water resource management.


Data Science and Analytics Laboratory

Advancing capabilities entire industry

Research programs and projects

Address socially relevant issues

Partnership with Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI)

LatentView has partnered with AlgoLabs – a platform created by the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) to expose companies to new-world techniques such as mathematical modelling and predictive analytics. Mathematics and statistics have significant capability to transform industries. This partnership will enable LatentView clients to leverage researchers from CMI for consultancy projects to solve business problems using data, math, and computer science. Additionally, they will combine their expertise to organize training and promote research in the field of analytics.