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Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Accurate Forecasting

A reliable, automated forecasting system was built for a PC, imaging, and printing products provider, which resulted in 8x faster computation and a 5x reduction in infrastructure cost.

The Problem

  • The inventory Planning team wanted to improve Supply Chain efficiency by replacing their existing siloed ML/AI process with an advanced touchless ML Platform in Azure.
  • The requirement of innovative solutions to improve the existing forecast accuracy for key high-value parts & change the associated business processes.

The Before state

Inefficient forecast system for Inventory Planning of Personal Systems services resulting in

  • Delayed forecast results – 5 days effort from 3 data scientists to reach the inventory team.
  • Delays / Failure in decision making leading to excess products worth $15M per year.
  • Failure to meet the SLAs.

The LatentView Solution

Operationalization of ML/DL models by building a reliable, automated forecasting system to generate forecasts faster.

  • Migration of 12 forecast algorithms (100k ML/AI models for 24k parts) from Azure DSVM to Azure Databricks backed by Apache Spark.
  • PySpark and SparkR APIs for distributed computing & hence faster computation
  • Scalable framework using On-Demand clusters.
  • Seamless orchestration of Data & ML Pipelines using Azure Data Factory.
  • Constant Monitor, Data Audit & Version Control using MLFlow integration.

The After state

Helped the business to improve Supply Chain efficiency with timely decisions using faster forecast results.

  • 8x faster computation
  • 5x Reduction in Infrastructure Cost
  • A scalable framework to continually serve the future scope
  • Automated workflow integrated with the business operations
  • Up to 1.5% improvement in Scientific models for M1 month
  • Monthly data refresh automatically triggered

Values Adds

  • Spark Upgrade
  • Supported migration of additional 30+ traditional algorithms from DSVM to Databricks
  • MLflow API to ensure Data & Model Audit & Governance
  • Key vault to access sensitive information and ensure data security

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