How a search engine giant increased its retention rate through improved targeting

Reduced churn through innovative segmentation

The Problem

A leading search engine giant wanted to improve its retention by putting in place proactive measures that gave an early warning signal of people likely to unsubscribe. While there was a targeted churn action plan it did not have the required depth and was not very effective.

The LatentView Solution

 LatentView used clustering algorithms to segment customers who had churned into groups based on their ability to report an issue in their order; deep dive analysis was performed for each of the defects and their contribution. Then a comprehensive view was built to compare retention patterns of silent sufferers and vocal sufferers.

The After State

By identifying “Silent Sufferers” – people who had an issue but did not report it and then choose to unsubscribe, the company was able to refine its action plan, its messaging and monitoring of this audience which was a large contributor to its churn.

Business Benefits

While “Vocal Sufferers” – people who had an issue and reached out to the company for resolution, were getting the required resolution, identifying “ Silent Sufferers”  helped the company step up its focus to people that may have not gotten the required attention in the past resulting in a better customer experience.