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High Volume ClickStream Analytics to Monetize Search Page Ads​

LatentView Analytics helped improve customer experience by optimum ad placement based on demographics, search and browsing data. This resulted in a potential monetization benefit of up to $18 million annually.

Business challenge
The client faced challenges understanding the customers’ online behaviour due to the absence of a methodology to capture user behaviour/data. Multiple surveys were being used to garner information about a specific metric, which was often time-consuming, led to duplication of data and efforts and inaccuracy. Since this did not always result in usable data, the client wanted to put in place a process that would help optimize the data, provide usable metrics at a granular level.

LatentView Analytics developed Panel Miner – a cloud-based solution that could work at scale. It helped sift through high volume, high throughput clickstream data pipeline that combined demographics, search and browsing data to suggest the right ads and its placement to improve customer experience.

By using LatentView Analytics’ solution, the client was able to get a comprehensive understanding of how a user engaged with the features on their own website as well as their competitors. The client now was equipped with weekly reports on feature coverage, feature distribution, CTR (Click through Rates) of search result pages along with competition to benchmark key performance differentiators.

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