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Our vision is to inspire and transform businesses to excel in the digital world by harnessing the power of data and analytics. Our company’s Innovation and Thought-Leadership driven culture enables our employees to be experts and visionary thinkers who support clients’ expected outcomes.

At LatentView Analytics, we seize the opportunity to make sense of big data using business analytics, consulting services, data engineering, and digital transformation. LatentView Analytics works across multiple data types, sources, and formats based on each client’s individual needs.

Business Analytics

Business analytics plays a crucial role in formulating ways to improve business strategies, operations and make smart data-driven decisions that lead to a competitive advantage. LatentView Analytics’ approach involves using our established DAP Framework to draw up a roadmap for addressing gaps and implementing a best-in-class analytics practice.

Data Engineering

With the volume of data growing exponentially every minute, data engineering services are in high demand. Our expert Data Engineering team at LatentView Analytics helps organizations monetize and maximize the value of their data by taking a curated approach. We build a strong foundation of data and generate insights from data mining.

expetise data engineering

Consulting services

LatentView Analytics Consulting, with its extensive experience across the data and analytics lifecycles, drives businesses to address transformation challenges. We provide cutting-edge solutions, including Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, data insights, and predictive modeling for optimal business outcomes.

Supply Chain Analytics

LatentView Analytics’ solutions, including Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics, help businesses forecast and synchronize demand, identify supply chain inefficiencies, improve inventory and logistics management, thereby reducing overall costs and increasing profit margins.

Digital Solutions

By integrating our digital solutions with your processes, you can accelerate your product development and reduce time to market. LatentView Analytics’ in-house tools have been implemented in several Fortune 500 businesses and are proven successful in automating business processes, predicting trends, and generating actionable insights.

Risk & Compliance Analytics

Risk and Compliance analytics and management are crucial to the long-term growth and sustainability of businesses. LatentView Analytics uses advanced analytical solutions to mine data for risk patterns, anomalies, and discrepancies and helps companies mitigate risks in real-time.

Case studies

A high volume, high throughput clickstream data pipeline was built for an American multinational technology giant to suggest the right ads and its placement to improve customer experience, which resulted in an additional monetization opportunity of $15 million annually.