Contact Optimization to Improve Campaign Response Rates

2% increase in email open rates and 5% higher clicks per customer due to dynamic segmentation based on customer’s past behavior and collaborative filtering techniques led to a 3% increase in airline revenue for a large international airline company.

The Problem
For email campaigns, an important communication medium, the open rates among loyalty customers were 3%.

The Before State
Customers received a certain number of emails as defined by business rules, once in 6 months. Lack of personalization resulted in low open rates.

The LatentView Solution
Dynamic segmentation based on customer’s past behavior helped optimize the number of emails sent per week. Collaborative filtering techniques were used to personalize email content for customer segments.

The After State

  • 2% increase in email open rates.
  • 5% higher clicks per customer.
  • This led to an increase of 3% in air revenue.

Download the case study

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