The automotive sector wants to enhance vehicle reliability, manage onboard diagnostics, support predictive maintenance and repair, get on-demand insights, generate usage-based vehicle reports, and provide real-time navigation guidance. Additionally, the sector endeavors to deliver a safer and smarter vehicle experience and multiple data-backed functionalities to capture specific driving environment features.
The ConnectedNXT platform from LatentView Analytics highlights how the automotive sector can use connected vehicle analytics for fleet route optimization, operational cost monitoring, and driver and emissions monitoring. The platform is designed to help the sector accelerate its digital transformation efforts by leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).
The ConnectedNXT platform highlights fleet management capabilities using connected vehicle data with potential benefits to fleet operators, OEMs, dealers, and vehicle owners. It is an end-to-end platform that will deliver a safer and smarter vehicle experience and will enable stakeholders to utilize critical vehicle data to capture driver behavior and vehicle performance for building better services towards driver assistance and vehicle safety.

Key Benefits

The ConnectedNXT platform includes real-time updates, fleet monitoring, cost optimization, and cloud-based operations to provide enhanced services and a unified operational environment for vehicle operators.
The platform will help stakeholders improve transportation system operations, reduce congestion and travel delays, enable driver and vehicle safety, and streamline navigation.
Introducing service-oriented communication within the vehicle has blurred the line between individual cars and the cloud. Thus, connectivity has become less centered on vehicle-specific communication protocols. This has resulted in car manufacturers implementing vehicle-related services onboard and in the cloud.
As a critical enabler of automated driving (AD), real-time connectivity enables vehicles to communicate and interact with their surroundings, connect with other cars, and provide real-time updates.
The platform accurately predicts the need for maintenance and repair, ensuring car owners save on inventory costs. Since the platform provides real-time updates, it reduces fuel wastage and idling time, as drivers need not manually look for information.

Key Features

The ConnectedNXT platform provides information on trip reporting, driver behavior clustering, vehicle
emissions, driver performance scoring, and operational costs.

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