Business Challenge


  • Our client, a leading storage hardware manufacturer wanted to generate a compliance score for each and every customer by product, that reflects the likelihood of a customer being non compliant.
  • The client also wanted to understand the characteristics that differentiate a compliant customer from the non-compliant customer.



  • Univariate & multivariate profiling to validate existing hypotheses around non-compliance.
  • Segmentation of customers /products with homogenous characteristics.
  • Logistic regression models to generate a probability score for each of the product in a segment that reflects the likelihood of the product and hence a customer being non-compliant.



  • In-depth understanding of various customer segments and characteristics that differentiate each of them.
  • Targeted campaigns with optimal offers and renewal price, facilitating improved compliance levels among customers.
  • Helped identify targets for cross-sell, enabling the client to launch cross-sell campaigns.

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