Business Challenge

  • Our client, a leading department store, wanted to optimize annual marketing spend and revenue. The client used multiple marketing channels across geographies.


LatentView built a Media Mix solution that:

  • Included revenue as a function of marketing spend, individual channel metrics, time of spend & other business indicators.
  • Used Inter-Channel Attribution modeling to understand channel interactions and identify actual revenue contribution of individual channels.
  • Used the model to optimize spend for maximum ROI, across channels keeping in mind predefined objectives and constraints.


  • The solution contributed to 4% incremental revenue, when maintaining the same level of investment.
  • The solution provided deep-dive guidelines for spend vs revenue at a Designated Market Area level as opposed to a national level.
  • Provided key recommendation for high inter-channel interaction (strong correlation) between Organic/SEO Search and Email vehicles.
  • In Phase II a near real-time, fully automated, platform based implementation is being implemented across multiple BUs.