Business Challenge

  • Our client, a major fast-food retailer, wanted to understand consumer perception of the client’s core products and overall brand perception via-a-vis their competitors, across the regions of the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.
  • They also wanted to understand the millennial consumer’s perception.


  • Using the proprietary text mining tool with an advanced lexical dictionary built specifically for this industry, conversations were mined to understand consumer perceptions and associations with the brand.
  • These were then grouped into themes based on context of discussions, and segmented by geography.
  • Deeper analysis of desired themes helped define the key behavioural patterns and sentiments to further analyse.
  • Brand association maps were then developed for each product and its respective competitor products to understand brand attributes and positioning.
  • Deep sentiment analysis towards the same was studied.


  • By understanding the actual customer perception of their brand and by identifying the right customer segments based on the studies, the client for what attributes they have a loyal customer base, what needs to be improved upon.
  • They were now able to position their core products better vis-à-vis their competitor.
  • The insights gathered also helped them develop a more millennial focused marketing strategy.