Test Engineer

Job Overview

3 to 5 Years
Web/ mobile applications
  1. Hands-on experience in developing, create, prioritize, and organize test cases into logical suites for execution for Web/ mobile applications.
  2. Use Java/ Python to build scalable automation use cases/tools.
  3. Ability to analyze automation frameworks suitable for projects.
  4. Write functional automated tests at the unit, services/integration, and UI layers, using Selenium or other automation tools.
  5. Strong knowledge in Selenium or other automation tools like cypress to perform automation testing on web-based applications.
  6. Experience in validating data, testing databases, API testing and data migration testing.
  7. Understand the BI concepts (Power BI/Tableau) and perform testing to validate the source and target data.
  8. Perform manual testing, the scope of which will encompass all functionalities of services.
  9. Analyze test logs; create test reports.
  10. Produce and maintain test coverage reports for functional and automation coverage.