Senior Data Engineer

Job Overview

Bigquery, Python, Google Cloud

We are looking for a Data Engineer who is SME on data warehouse and BI with advanced knowledge on SQL, bigquery and Python. He/she will play a critical role in the development of our client’s Enterprise Data and Analytics Platforms. This role will be responsible for expanding, optimizing, and monitoring our expanding data pipelines through thoughtful architecting, astute business logic, consistent data governance/testing, and continuous delivery.


  • Experience in building & managing large databases
  • Advanced knowledge in bigquery, Python, Google Cloud (for building data pipeline from third party API using json etc)
  • Having knowledge of Java/C++ is an advantage


  • Responsible for building standard across data table, storage, naming & access controls for the team
  • Responsible for building data pipelines from third party APIs using GCP
  • Responsible for monitoring of data warehouse, support & debugging
  • Responsible reviewing codes, version controls & change list approvals & privacy reviews
  • Work with multiple data Engineering team to ensure right signals are being populated
  • Responsible for documentation of the infrastructure design & applications
  • Responsible to build thumb rules & monitoring mechanisms to ensure that team’s data tables are within the boundaries of legal & privacy policies
  • Responsible for building code optimization standards
  • Responsible for certification of all the data infrastructure assets with the certification council

Location: San Jose, CA