We are looking for seasoned Scrum masters, preferably CSM and/or SAFE certified (SAFE
experience is important).

Scrum Ceremonies:

  • Manage the distributed agile teams, organize the sprint planning meetings and maintain
    the Sprint backlogs.
  • Coordinate Daily Stand up meetings and ensure the impediments are resolved for the
    team to deliver the workable product.
  • Work with product owners to handle the backlogs and business prioritization.
  • Provide Technical and Functional guidance to the team and resolve the queries in order to
    meet the project timelines.
  • Identify the Risks and manage the Mitigation plans.
  • Coach team members in Agile frameworks and help them to follow the Agile principles.
  • Help the product owner and development team to achieve customer satisfaction working
    towards the common goal.
  • Track the Backlogs and Sprints with appropriate status in JIRA.
  • Manage the Product releases with collaboration between multiple stakeholders and
    proper planning with different teams associated with the release.
  • Collaborate with multiple teams to gather required clarification for the scrum team to
    deliver the product as per expectations.
  • Conduct Retrospective meetings with the team to identify the gaps and improve the

JIRA and Confluence:

  • Manage the Sprint Backlogs, Scrum Board in JIRA for all the Projects.
  • Ensure the efforts are logged against each and every Story, Sub-Tasks and the estimated
    and actuals efforts are tracked.
  • Manage the Releases appropriately in JIRA with proper planning and coordination with all
  • Maintain all functional and technical details of the Stories in the Confluence and track all
    scope changes appropriately.
  • Manage the QA checklist in Confluence to ensure the tested product is moved to QA

Drive Quality Assurance in the Team:

  • Mentor and support development team by guiding them on the implementation of Quality
  • Ensure the tested code is migrated from non-production to production environments by
    maintaining the appropriate code version tools and process.
  • Focus on quality while balancing National Grid objectives, feasibility and scalability of

Governance and Reporting:

  • Share the weekly dashboard on the progress with Senior Management.
  • Provide Governance reporting with all artifacts of the Sprints.
  • Track the Burn down chart and share the KPls with Stakeholders.
  • Prepare the Velocity Chart to identify the Team’s velocity and estimate the work which
  • can be achieved by the team in future Sprints.
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