Primary Research Consultant

Job Overview

5 - 10 Years
Market Research and Analytics.

The purpose of this role is to lead a market research engagement with a key eCommerce client, and
deliver research services through a global delivery model.

You will be responsible for working with the client’s customer insights team and LatentView’s onsite
team, and independently own and executing multiple concurrent research projects (adhoc custom
research programs as well as regular tracking studies).

Key responsibilities will be understanding research objectives and designing a suitable survey
questionnaire, define sampling plan, program the survey and work with external partners to pull
relevant samples, launch the survey & collect responses, and perform reporting & deep-dive analyses to
generate & communicate relevant insights.

And you will partner with the India offshore team to deliver above services, and coach and groom the
team on the above activities. Additionally, you will also be responsible for project management &
prioritization, client relationship management and deliverables review.

The role has special emphasis on designing complex research methodologies including Conjoint Analysis
and Maxdiff (best worst scaling). You should be very strong in statistics, including Bayesian statistics, and
individually guide the team and client on design, execution and analysis of advanced research

Job Responsibilities;

• Work closely with client’s business & customer insights teams, to understand research objectives
• Selecting the most appropriate research methodology and technique for the problem at hand
• Design the survey questionnaire and define sampling & analysis plan / Design conjoint analysis or
Maxdiff wherever required
• Work with partners to program & launch the survey with desired target audience
• Analyze survey responses, synthesize key insights and package & communicate them effectively to the
customer insights team
• Manage & groom offshore teams to deliver research services effectively through the global delivery
• Project-manage multiple concurrent research projects, and manage stakeholder relationships and
monitor engagement health

Job Requirements;

• Experienced practitioner in market research and analytics. Has applied a variety of quantitative and
qualitative research methods to business problems.
• Understands how to leverage different internal and external sources of customer data.
• Identifies important insights and uses them as the basis for compelling, actionable recommendations.
Can select the most important out of a large number of research findings.
• Manages self effectively; solves most problems independently and asks for help early when needed.
• Knows how to manage the research process, including selecting, briefing and managing research
• Has a passion for understanding the customer and driving improved customer experiences so that the
business benefits.

Job qualifications  (Skills & experience and language requirements)

• College, with relevant coursework and 5+ years related experience.
• Experience in a client-side research role or in business consulting.
• Excellent knowledge of statistics, including Bayesian statistics, as applied in market research.
• Past experience working on designing and analyzing conjoint analysis and Maxdiff methodologies
• Excellent communication skills.