How a leading software company optimized its email marketing ROI

Increased campaign efficiency through hyper focused segmentation

The Problem

A leading software company was unable to assess the revenue impact of its email campaigns which served as a primary channel of customer acquisition and engagement. This was the result of having  fragmented data making it difficult for the marketing team to evaluate performance and attribute revenue.

The LatentView Solution

LatentView first built a real-time platform that consolidated customer profiles, their historical subscription information, and the actions they took as a result of the email e.g., their behavior on the company website or with the product.  We then leveraged the platform to get a personalized view of the customer. 

The After State

LatentView’s real-time platform served as a learning mechanism that identified trends and patterns in previous run campaigns that helped the marketing team to design and tailor higher impact email campaigns improving marketing ROI.

Business Benefits

This platform provided the marketing team the ability to drive revenue improvements on a Y-o-Y and Q-o-Q basis by country, product, and business segments. In addition to improving marketing ROI this also helped drive up user engagement which led to better customer retention.