Accelerating growth by leveraging analytics for Account-Based Marketing


Business challenge
A leading multinational software company wanted to transition its marketing and sales models from that of a traditional, funnel-based approach to a customer-centric, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach. The client was seeking ways to proactively cultivate demand and loyalty from a set of target accounts that represented its most profitable and high-value customers.

LatentView Analytics helped build an analytics infrastructure and operationalize the data layer to enable account-based marketing at scale. LatentView Analytics also helped define a new KPI called Account Engagement Score (AES), which employs a weighted approach to quantify a target account’s digital and direct interactions with the client, thereby identifying sales-qualified opportunities.

By building a KPI model considering the account’s behavior across web, campaigns, and events over time, the client was able to identify the probability of opportunity creation.

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