Case studies

Accelerating growth by leveraging analytics for Account-Based Marketing

LatentView Analytics helped define an Account Engagement Score (AES) through an analytics model which ingests historical engagement and account attributes to predict future opportunity creation. Information from multiple data sources for a specific account was stitched together to provide a holistic view of the engagement level. This enabled us to deliver digital Account-Based Marketing at-scale.

Business challenge
A leading multinational software company wanted to transition its marketing and sales models from that of a traditional, funnel-based approach to a customer-centric, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach. The client was seeking ways to proactively cultivate demand and loyalty from a set of target accounts that represented its most profitable and high-value customers.

LatentView Analytics helped build an analytics infrastructure and operationalize the data layer to enable account-based marketing at scale. LatentView Analytics also helped define a new KPI called Account Engagement Score (AES), which employs a weighted approach to quantify a target account’s digital and direct interactions with the client, thereby identifying sales-qualified opportunities.

By building a KPI model considering the account’s behavior across web, campaigns, and events over time, the client was able to identify the probability of opportunity creation.

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