A Disconnected Supply Chain

A deeper visibility diagnostics of
the disruption

The modern supply chain is caught in an ongoing tug-of-war between poor availability and excessive inventory

The Challenges and Imperatives of Modern Supply Chain Management

  • Retail suffers a colossal loss of approximately $1 trillion in sales annually due to subpar availability.
  • Supplier delivery times have alarmingly increased by 350%.
  • Supply chain costs skyrocketed over $75 million as on-time delivery fell below 50%.
  • Locating units in the yard takes an average of six minutes, while physical inventory counting and ERP updates consume a daunting 70 weeks.
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Unveiling the Root Causes of These Disruptions

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External Disruptions:

A lack of comprehension regarding economic, political, and competitive factors wreaks havoc on supply chains.
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Lack of Visibility

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Sub-optimal Supply Chain

Suboptimal supply chains suffer from decisions made without leveraging data-driven insights.

The Hidden Obstacle: The Disconnected Supply Chain

Behind the scenes of inefficient supply chains lies the hidden obstacle to your business growth – a disconnected supply chain. When different parts of your supply chain operate independently, lacking communication and coordination, inefficiencies abound. Excess inventory, stockouts, longer lead times, and increased costs become the norm. It’s time to break free from these limitations.

ConnectedView: Bridging the Supply Chain Gap

Step into the future of supply chain management with ConnectedView. Our AI-powered solution revolutionizes how you operate, equipping you with the tools to unlock your supply chain’s full potential. ConnectedView enables better and faster decision-making, propelling your business towards enhanced efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Our Secret Sauce

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Our extensive knowledge and expertise are infused into ConnectedView, ensuring rapid implementation and delivering tangible results in record time.


Core framework for ConnectedView


Proprietary tools and AI models available for deployment


KPI mapped for reusability


Pre-built knowledge graphs & hypotheses maps


Partnerships across Azure, Snowflake, and Neo4j

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Delivery Excellence

We go beyond providing solutions; we contextualize them to your specific needs. Our thought partnerships, frameworks, and accelerators are tailored to your reality, enabling you to achieve unparalleled success.
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Analytics Consulting

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Data Engineering

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AI & Data Science

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Data Storytelling

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Agility and Scalability

ConnectedView is built to be a data product that scales seamlessly across your enterprise. As your business grows and evolves, our solution evolves with you, providing continuous value and adaptability.
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Deployable to existing cloud infrastructure across geos

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Data activation & user adoption focus

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Crawl-Walk-Run approach

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Scalable operating model

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Multi-geography presence

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