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40% growth in customer acquisition through web analytics

LatentView Analytics built a web analytics maturity framework for a leading US-based baby nutrition company which led to a 40% increase in web enrolment and higher website engagement.

Business challenge
Before partnering with LatentView, the client was tracking the performance of their website and its intelligence in silos across regions; this meant they did not have a consolidated view of website metrics. This posed a challenge when it came to revamping the global digital platform because the learning from one market was not available for others to use.

With the objective to increase engagement and drive enrolment, LatentView Analytics followed a phased-approach to solve the business problem for the client. LatentView built a comprehensive web analytics maturity framework covering enrolments, engagement and personalization and implemented it across markets.

By employing LatentView Analytics’ end-to-end web analytics strategy, the client’s website saw enrolment go up by 40% on an average. This further went up to 50% in certain markets like Canada and US with commensurate increase in website engagement levels.

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2019 05 16