Engagement Model

LatentView’s engagement models are designed to meet the needs of clients with varying analytics maturity – in terms of data, processes, capabilities, resources and risk appetite.

There are three main engagement models that we adopt:

Project-based Model

  • Execute clearly scoped out projects for a fixed price, for a well-defined set of deliverables
  • LatentView bears all risks for project delivery, and assumes complete leadership and control of the project

Retainership Model

  • Serves as an extended analytics arm of the client, providing services across the spectrum, from data management to providing post-implementation guidance.
  • Team could be ramped up in a short notice, depending on client needs
  • Resources work under the guidance of expert client analytic managers, who are primarily responsible for ensuring utilization and results

Risk-Reward Model

  • LatentView’s unique, results-driven business model ensures that our fees is tied to the value added, rather than simply based on analysis results provided
  • The result is a set of real, clear benefits in the form of tangible cost reduction, increased revenue or greater customer satisfaction, with little or no delivery risk to the client