Analytics Consulting

“Big Data is the elephant in the room. Everyone has huge amounts of data, they just do not know what to do with it.”

  1. BigData changes everything….AGAIN. About 15 million words written on twitter every hour.
  2. Changing Rules of engagement, shrinking product cycles, direct to consumer. Appstore would be a Fortune 500 company on its own.
  3. Go beyond hindsight – GET AHEAD. Most innovative businesses are being built on foresight and insight. Talent is the only non-scalable resource. The US will need 1.5 million managers and analysts by 2018 to use all the available data.
  • Digital and Social Media: Helping businesses find the right balance across owned, paid and earned media.
  • Customer Analytics: Enabling businesses profitably segment, target, retain and win back customers.
  • BigData: Using innovative platforms to help you navigate the challenges posed by BigData: Volume, Variety and Velocity.
  • Marketing Science: Providing marketers with the insights and expertise to quantitatively manage ever shrinking budgets.
  • Risk Management: Helping businesses weigh their opportunities against risks using analytics, data and software.