Solution Spotlight

Alactrious™ : Lapsation Modeler
Predicts the propensity for a policy to lapse in a given renewal

KYE: HR Spend Management
Human capital spend management solution that enables data driven decision making for factors impacting employee’s performance

m3 Risk™ Hedging & Pricing Tool
Facilitates an objective, quantitative, data-driven hedging strategy to manage commodity price fluctuations

Prophet™ : State of the art forecasting platform
There is only a one in three chance that a new product will meet its sales and profitability goals

Leading Indicators Retail Sales
Assists in optimal demand management by letting the retailer know in advance of the demand.

Smart Renewals Management
Helps to maximize the overall revenue collected through renewal management efforts

Helps the collection managers collect more with less and maximize the collection ROI

Uplift Modeling
Focusses on customers who would purchase only if they were a part of the campaign