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Product to Help Companies Maximize Returns on their Search Marketing Spends

Oct 22, 2012 – Princeton, NJ

LatentView Analytics (LatentView), a leading predictive analytics and decision management services firm, has announced the launch of Bidwiser, its patent-pending pay-per-click keyword bid optimization platform that allows companies to maximize returns on their search marketing spends.

LatentView’s first product offering, Bidwiser combines big data, machine learning and search marketing expertise to help marketers:

  • Efficiently manage a large portfolio of keywords across multiple campaigns and ad platforms
  • Place the most optimal bid for keywords based on their worth, to help meet or exceed marketing campaign goals
  • Unlock the potential of a marketer’s “long tail” keywords

Unique in its portfolio-based approach, Bidwiser’s algorithms analyze data feeds from multiple data sources, using modeling techniques that take into account historical transactions, semantics, landing page and product & offer inventory features to predict the optimal bid.

LatentView is the only data analytics company to offer this type of product right now. With this launch, the company is one step closer to realizing its vision of delivering analytics along with data and software for optimal business impact.

“Bidwiser is entering the market at a time when ecommerce companies and brands are increasingly challenged to drive revenue, generate more leads and capture the attention of a digital audience that is easily distracted,” said Venkat Viswanathan, Founder and CEO of LatentView. “With proven expertise in data analytics, we realized the value of leveraging data algorithms in pay-per-click search optimization. We are delighted to help companies create more effective marketing campaigns with Bidwiser.”

LatentView worked with an ecommerce company for Bidwiser’s pilot project, in which Bidwiser was fully integrated with the company’s existing systems and tens of millions of keywords were scored every day. The pilot found a 25 percent increase in net revenue from search engine marketing spends; flexibility to introduce new variables as well as automated and ‘fresh’ bids for keywords every day. Additionally, the pilot observed that there was no cannibalization or reduction in quality of traffic.

To learn more about Bidwiser, please visit or follow Bidwiser on twitter @bidwiserapp