At LatentView, we’re committed to high levels of employee engagement.

Culture. We practice transparency and accountability at all levels, where every employee knows his responsibility, and can access every level of leadership up to the CEO. With a flat organization structure, hierarchy does not come in the way of doing things. In LatentView, people typically wear several hats, including analytics, recruitment, and organization development. We encourage people at all levels to think big, take risks and not be limited by our current ideas, perspectives and limitations

Rewards & Recognition. Employees define the areas of contribution up front, with clear, actionable, stretch goals. The compensation system, based on the “pay for performance” model, rewards innovation and penalizes underperformance, with higher risk component tied to increasing levels of leadership or responsibility
Pedigree & Diversity. Many of LatentView’s employees come from India’s Top Schools, and diverse professional backgrounds. We have a mix of specialists & generalists, about 50% women, MBA’s, engineers, statisticians, database experts, all of them focused on exceeding client expectations

Work-Life Balance. WIFI office, flexible work hours, and web-based collaboration tools are just some of the benefits. Twenty days of training, lessons on a variety of non-work subjects, such as purchasing a new home, efficient tax planning, etc., and “ViewPoint” sessions where industry experts share their perspectives, enables employees maximize their productivity and broaden their perspective

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